Is it the right time to redesign your website? Let’s find out

The fact is that the majority of your target group makes their decision depending on their online experience. This is why your website is so essential for the success of your business. So does your website brings new leads or increase conversion? Is it great enough to influence the buyer’s decision? If no, it’s the right time to redesign your website.

However, if you want some more compelling reasons to redesign your website, here we’ve them for you.

1.    Your website has a high bounce rate

Do you have visitors on your site who do not stay and leave the site without an interaction? Well, it simply means that your website has nothing interesting or useful for them. As a result, the bounce rate increases.

So what you can do is, redesign your website to provide something interesting and useful that can hold the attention of your audiences. A renowned Web development company can help you create a website with elements that will engage your target group.

2.    Your website isn’t responsive

With the majority of your audiences using smartphones and tablets, it has become necessary to provide them with wonderful user experience. This is where the importance of a responsive website comes to the fore. In case you do not have a responsive website, it means that you’re losing your customers. So for better conversion rate, a responsive website is essential and if you do not have one, it’s time create or redesign.

3.    Your website uses flash

For those who aren’t aware, Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that is useful in creating vector graphics and animation. However, on the bad side, Flash isn’t supported by iPads or iPhones and also the websites with Flash aren’t indexable in search engines. Thus, if your website has used Flash, you need to rebuild it immediately.

4.    Your website takes too long to load

Did you know that a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load loses one-third of its audiences? It’s true. On the web, we want everything to happen fast as we do not like to wait long. Therefore, if your business website takes too long to load, it will reduce the conversion rate and increase the bounce rate. Thus, if it’s the case with you, it’s the right time to redesign your website.

5.    You have a very old website

If you want to draw new customers and at the same time retain the old ones, staying updated and adapting to the new changes in the digital world is necessary. So if you haven’t updated your site for long, it’s time to update or redesign it.

What you can do is, browse through some of your competitor’s site and incorporate the best elements on your site.

Thus, if you come across any of the above-discussed signs, it’s time to redesign your website. Remember, a great website is a key to success in today’s packed digital world. But if you don’t have one, you’re letting your business fall behind your competitors’.

Do not let it happen and if you’ve any queries, get in touch with us.

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