Is your website losing attention? Here are the possible reasons why

The first impression of your brand will be created by your website. It will influence the buying decision of your audiences within a few minutes. Your homepage will play a vital role in determining whether the visitors will click further and go through your website or will move to some other websites. Thus, if your website is losing attention, you’ll lose traffic.

Now, the question is what is the reason behind your website losing attention? Well, there are several reasons and we’re here to help you know the reasons with the ways to prevent them.

•    Clutter

Is the homepage of your website plugged with too much information? If yes, the viewers might lose interest in it. Too much information on a page distracts the audiences and they can’t focus on one thing at a time. This might, as a result, increase your bounce rate.

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•    Basic HTML designs

It’s fair enough if you don’t want to spend a fortune on elaborate design planning and want something that fits your budget. However, using basic HTML designs with a regular interface will irritate your visitors. Moreover, it will raise suspicion over the authenticity of the website. So if you’re using such designs, it’s time to look for some better, budget-friendly options.

•    Typos and grammar

When it’s about the official website, everyone expects it to be flawless. Right from the design to grammar, everything that you use on your website gives authenticity and validation to your brand. Make sure to proof-read several times to avoid typos and flaws in grammar.

•    Too many stock images

It is fine to use stock images in extreme situations when either you aren’t able to add a legit photograph or have no better photographs. But this may again cause your website to lose attention. So it is better to source your images or click some of your own.

•    Auto-playing flash videos or background sound

When was the last time you browsed through web URLs that automatically play background music or has unstoppable flash videos? Isn’t it an annoying experience? Indeed. Just like you, nobody appreciates such URLs and as a business owner, you should avoid it.

•    No contact details

Email-based communications may not serve your purpose as your users would not like to wait for the responses over any query. Therefore, your company’s phone numbers and address on your website are essential. Create a contact page that is clear and encouraging at the same time to attract more visitors.

•    Distracting ads

What can be more annoying than those distracting ads? You might be tempted to embed a video ad or a banner on every page, but your users may find it too technical. Remember, the pop-up ads and flashing banners are of no use if they can’t retain your users.

These might be the possible reasons why your website is losing attention. But not to worry, as we can help you drive more traffic and keep them engaged on your website.

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