How to get your ‘2015 SEO Content Strategy’ to Pack a Punch?

You must be wondering why all the costly link building your SEO agency has been doing hasn’t yielded any visible results yet! Well, they are as clueless as you and what that effectively means is this – your money is going down the drain! And why is that? Let’s find out.

Everybody Writes ‘Quality Content’ These Days
Quality content – now that’s a word that has entirely lost the value it once had. That’s a good thing; we don’t expect you to understand how that’s good just yet, but let’s stick to the point and get back to that later.

Ever since search engines, especially Google started coming down heavily upon cheap content farms and link baits, Digital marketing agencies in India started upping their standards. Overall, content everywhere began following a certain quality benchmark so the bad stuff that was floating around all vanished. Today good content is everywhere!

That however, throws a new problem at your face. Everyone is writing great content. So unless your SEO agency isn’t prepared to take their content strategy to the next level you have a serious competitive disadvantage. Your agency will still be pushing out not-so-special content on blogs, social media and every possible platform but Google has tons of that already so it doesn’t value your content anymore.

Invest in the Effort That Creates Differentiation
We humans, love variety. Variety in our dresses, in people we interact with, in the food we taste and things we see on the internet. To be able to appeal to that basic instinct in humans of seeking diversity, nifty changes must be made to how you present yourself differently.

Since you are an online entity, what people read about you or see of you is what they associated you with. No faces, no names, just the content you push out for everyone to read or view – that’s your identity. And it has to be different from the next one in line behind you targeting the same consumer you have your eyes on. Stand out and win, or stay mundane and relinquish your chance at success.

Now we surely hope you appreciate the fact that the old content strategy you had needed a good shaking up. Content – textual, graphical, audio-visual – all forms of it has to go above and beyond being ‘unique’ and stand head and shoulders above in every aspect be it being more engaging and rewarding to read, more socially sharable, or be it the style in which content is presented.

Did You Have Your ‘Light Bulb’ Moment Yet?
Take a test to check if your content is 2015 fresh. Read up your best content. Do you feel it’s worth clicking the ‘share’ button? Google has become quite picky in awarding search signals and one criterion that Google loves is ‘sharable content’. If your content doesn’t stir the reader in you, it possibly won’t stir anyone. Your content should surpass ‘quality content’ because that is mediocre now.

Get the next, the new, the exciting in content!

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