Top secrets to create a successful digital marketing campaign in 2017

Believe it or not, more than 80 per cent of your target group relies on the web to choose a product or service. Thus, it becomes vital to create a digital marketing campaign that will work for your business, making your audiences choose what you offer.

To help you create a successful digital marketing campaign for 2017, here are the secrets you need to know:

 Search  Advertising Tips

1.    Different platforms have different formats and so you need to follow the rules of Google, Bing and Yahoo before you run the campaign.

2.    The URL displayed in the search ad needs to be relevant to the service or product you want to promote. Thus, optimize accordingly.

3.    To ensure your ad appears for the keywords you want to use, include them in your headline and copy as well. You can hire an experienced Digital marketing agency in Delhi to help you pick relevant keywords.

4.    Do not overlook the importance of CTA (Call To Action) as it directly can draw more customers to your site. Use strong CTAs such as ‘call for a free estimate’ or ‘get 20 per cent discount today.’

Website Tips

1.    Have you updated your website recently? If no, update it now. A modern and updated design is necessary as your audiences would like to visit a website that keeps up with the latest web standards.

2.    Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. This you must have been told several times and the reason is that more than 80 per cent of your audiences is mobile users who could become your customers.

3.    To rank better in SERPs, make sure that you complete the metadata of your site using relevant keywords.

4.    Also, adding a blog section to your website will be a win-win situation as it will boost your site’s SEO, helping you stay ahead of the crowd.

Search Engine Optimization

1.    Creating a website with a blog section won’t be of any use unless you optimize it using relevant keywords. So promote and update the content regularly.

2.    Make sharing easier for your audiences by adding a share button to your blog section. This will bring more audiences to your site.

3.    It is essential that your business name, location, phone number and opening hours show up in Google’s search results and Map as well. For this, you need to optimize your Google+ Local page.

4.    Needless to say, positive reviews can do wonder for your business, attracting more people to your site and helping your site rank better in search engines. Therefore, generate positive reviews.

Social Media

1.    Be cautious while you post a comment on social media as the ease to take screenshots has made it difficult to rectify a mistake.

2.    Try to create content that your audiences want to read and share. Also, connect with the influencers.

3.    Before using a trending hashtag, ensure that you very well know the origin. Not knowing the origin can cause regrets.

4.    Your audiences can converse both good and bad about your brand. So set up alerts that can notify you of new comments, messages or mentions.

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