Top Social Media Management Tools and Software for Entrepreneurs

Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur with little time to devote to social media management activities for your brand? The best and simplest way to get things done professionally would be to hire Social media management services but in case you are low on budget and on to is totally under your control, here are a few suggestions on the top social media management tools and software that you can use to maintain a top-notch social media presence. So let us get started.

Social Caster: It is one of the new players in the market which offers total social media control via a unified platform. It lets you add multiple accounts and find viral videos, pictures with thousands of likes or shares and engagement instantly. It also lets you keep track of your competitors and what they are doing on social media platforms. The most potent feature of this tool is that it has inbuilt designer which lets you edit pictures on-the-fly before posting them. Besides, it also comes with scheduling and automating your daily updates so you do not have to sit and do things manually the traditional way.

Buffer: if you are extremely busy and you have got a business to run, no one will understand the importance of scheduling better than you do. Nowadays, a lot of social media management tools let you do that, but Buffer was one of the first that gives total freedom from the mundane task of posting social without this manually add predefined times. It is under simple but very effective scheduling tools that you will ever find. Are the great things that make Buffer so popular is that it offers free service. With the free version, you can add up to 4 different social media accounts and manage them on-the-fly from its web-based interface. If you need more social media accounts to connect, you will have to upgrade. But in most cases Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the top 3 platforms and the free version should be enough for you.

TweetDeck: For those of you who want nothing but just Twitter to be the only social media platform, TweetDeck is the perfect management and organisation tool you will ever need. It is very simple to use and if you have a Twitter account login to TweetDeck takes no other effort. Thus login with your Twitter account and TweetDeck will let you have access to its vast array of scheduling, posting, tracking, direct messaging and other tools. If you have used Hoot Suite before, the interface will seem very familiar, but the key difference here is that HootSuite allows multiple social media platforms to be connected, whereas TweetDeck is only for Twitter.

Have you got your total social media strategy ready in place? In that case, one of the above tools will make life very simple for you. If not, we highly suggest you consult an expert at one of the many social media management services in New Delhi.

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