Ways to rectify the 3 common web design mistakes of past in 2017

We welcome this year with new and innovative ideas in web designing that can help in creating a flawless website to grab the eyeballs of your audiences.

Your website is a powerful tool that can keep you ahead of the crowd, provided you get it designed correctly. But how do you do that? By rectifying the mistakes that you have made in the past. Thus, to help you create a great website and rise above the past mistakes this year; here we’ve listed the ways to rectify your 3 common web design mistakes.

1.    Not using the grid

Regardless of how strong your concept and design is, if your website isn’t attracting your target group, lack of grid in your design could be the reason. This happens when you get everything designed on a piece of paper and then start implementing it, without organizing them properly.

How do you rectify it?

If you want your audiences to go through your website from top to the bottom, visual consistency should be maintained. So to rectify your mistake, try to create a design with proper use of grids. In case you’ve created a website without using grids, redesigning would be a better option.

You can use the fun grid pattern to make your website attractive. A well-known web design company in India can help you make the most out of grids to make your site more functional.

2.    Starting with poor images

Most of the business owners who want their website to become live immediately commit this error. Remember, the quality of the images that you use will play a vital role in bringing more audiences to your site and using poor quality images will not draw the attention of your target audiences.

How do you rectify it?

Do not start your website unless you’ve high-quality images for it. You can get your pictures clicked by some professional photographers.

However, if you do not want to spend a big amount for images, you can visit the sites that offer high-quality images. Once you have got the images, you can get them edited by using your creativity.

3.    Offering a complicated navigation

Want to create a website that successfully engages your audiences? Well, a website with simple navigation and streamlines design can help you get one. You need to understand that users do not like to browse through websites that offer complicated navigation.

How do you rectify it?

Once you create your design on paper, make sure to go through the menu and see if the navigational structure that you’ll be using is simple enough to guide your audiences. The primary pages of your website need to have obvious click patterns for drawing more traffic to your site.

The takeaway?

Brooding over the past mistakes won’t help you create a better one, but rectifying them will. So make sure you rise above these mistakes and design a website that can take your business to the next level in this competitive digital world.

To know what will work better for your website, you can get in touch with our experts.

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