Website Design- Ensure a balance between SEO and user experience

Paul Cookson has rightly said, “websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

Therefore, your website should be designed in the best possible way, isn’t it? It should be appealing, easily accessible and should provide a wonderful user experience.

Gone are the days when a website designed focussing on SEO used to gain popularity. Things have changed now and your website is much more about the look, feel and accessibility. It’s about user experience. Some renowned web design companies in Delhi understand this and can help you design a great website.

To create a website that would draw the attention of your pertinent traffic, it is essential for you to balance both SEO and user experience. And the good thing about this is that Google wants this too. So how do you strike the right balance? Here we’ve listed the best ways for you.

1.    The look and feel of your website is important

Visitors stick around longer to websites that are beautifully designed, easy to navigate and provide relevant information. An appealing website that is functional and provides great user experience will bring more visitors to your site and these visitors will keep coming back to your site in future. Thus, you get better opportunities to connect and interact with your audiences.

2.    Keyword stuffing is a big mistake

As we all know, keywords in your content are necessary to gain visibility in this crowded digital space where the competition is fierce. However, be cautious! Why? Because stuffing keywords can cause a penalty.

Google’s search algorithm can easily find if you have stuffed keywords in your content and can penalize your website. Therefore, it should strictly be avoided. Instead, you can use image alt tags, title tags, target specific keywords etc. to attract more traffic to your website in the right way.

Keywords should always be a seamless and natural addition to your quality content and should be relevant to your topic.

3.    Update your website often

Every day, several websites are being created and the competition is growing. In such a scenario, how would you ensure that your website remains relevant? You can do it by updating your website often.

Indeed, updating a website regularly isn’t a feasible task. So what you can do is publish relevant content and update the existing content to make sure that your website adds value to your users. The needs and requirements of your customers are changing with time and so you must update your site often to meet their needs.

To understand the changing needs of your audiences, proper and thorough research is essential. To keep up with the evolving industry, you need to update both your knowledge and the website. Moreover, the content on your website should be well-written, addressing the problems of your customers and offering them a solution for it. Update the information that you provide to meet the needs of your target group.

Remember, your audiences are the one for whom you’re writing and so your content should be relevant to them.

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