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Just like every human as his/her own identity, every company/business similarly has a distinct value, a unique story that sets them apart from the crowd. This identity is like a visual representation that tells people how to perceive your business and how to connect with you. Whether it is through simple graphics, a small logo, or a comprehensive online branding campaign; our brand-savvy brand promotion company in Delhi helps you showcase that personality by creating a lasting impression in the minds of the consumer.

As one of the most sought after branding agencies in Delhi

We know how to create visual elements that lay the foundation of your brand identity. Using aesthetically compellingly, dynamic, innovative fundamentals we show what the brand stands for while highlighting their beliefs/message. These elements are also adapted to communicate across all brand touch-points that are vital for the business.

It includes:
  • Logo Design
    Logo Design

    One of the most value resources of a company is its logo. It not only gives your business/company a professional identity, but is responsible in creating brand awareness and recall in the minds of the people.

  • Stationery design
    Stationery design

    This includes your letterheads, business cards, etc, that work fantastically in advertising your brand. Stationery design breeds familiarity and create exposure for your brand

  • Colour Palette
    Colour Palette

    The right color scheme in your branding reflects who your philosophy. It also helps in increasing brand recognition that works wonders in attracting attention and enabling a call to action.

  • Typography

    good fonts and ideal placing attracts the reader’s attention while reinforcing your brand message. It is another great way of developing brand recognition.

This list isn’t it; there are many more items that make up your brand identity. We’ve simply listed those that are most relevant to the new age consumer.


With branding being an important feature of any business, we suggest everyone should consider it as a vital part of their marketing strategy. Speaking of strategy, Olive, a branding agency in DELHI NCR goes way beyond crafting identities. We are a brand management company in Delhi that also indulges in creating ideal brand strategies. With in-depth knowledge of online advertising trends, competitive landscape, market dynamics and methods we create strategies that established long-term likeability and trustability towards your brand. Keeping your personality, values and objectives in mind, we create concepts that are response driven. We find ways to increase brand awareness, boost customer retention, drive sales, build personal relationships and take your business forward. As a creative and strategic brand design agency in Delhi we know what it takes to stand out in a digital world.

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