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HTML5+CSS3 Development

The basic building block of the World Wide Web HTML has progressed and transformed the future of the web, mobile and their applications with its latest evolution HTML5. HTML 5 is a next-generation web technology that has the power to revolutionize the browsing experience of users by creating diverse and influential websites and applications that is responsive on any browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera), be it on the desktop or any mobile device, at any time. Together with CSS’s latest evolution CSS3 one can add more power and enhance the appearance, functionality, and structure further. Both are feature-packed, engaging, scalable and cross-platform capable that makes users enjoy surfing on it even more. The likes of Apple, Nike, Ikea, and many other Fortune 500 companies prefer the secure and sustainable combination of HTML5+CSS3.

Imagine the possibilities these technology gives you in order to transform the web. No matter which wide range of industry segments you belong it, or how diverse your business goal is, you can harness the power of this future-ready mark-up language to get results. Right from retail and e-commerce, banking, travel, e-learning to entertainment and healthcare, the innovative elements of both the languages let you realize strategic opportunities that solve real-world business problems keeping the customer's experience in mind. What is even more enticing is that HTML5 and Css3 when aptly applied provide solutions that are robust, adaptable and in sync with your evolving business requirements.

Little do we mention, HTML5+CSS3 provide even richer information to search engines that give your site a much-needed boost?

Our HTML5+CSS3 Web Development Services  

  • Website Development
    Website Development

    From building a simple static HTML5 website, to a cross-platform HTML5-based progressive web application, our efficient developers can do it all.

  • Website Design
    Website Design

    Our passionate team of developers are capable of creating highly customized, unparalleled feature-packed design experience that makes users come back often.

  • Website Application Development
    Website Application Development

    Our multi-platform web applications are capable of functioning seamlessly on and across any device or software platform.

  • Laravel Web Development
    Mobile App Development

    Being mobile-friendly is the need of the hour for all websites. HTML5 mobile app development allows us to create apps and sites for different mobile devices keeping in mind their slide, flip, and rotate transitions.

  • Game development
    Game development

    We are experts at creating a multiplayer scalable game that renders correctly in all devices with ample engagement, rich graphics, and addictive sound.

  • Widget Development
    Widget Development

    To expand the functionality of a webpage or website we custom develop HTML5 widgets if needed.

  • Customization and Consulting
    Customization and Consulting

    Creating feature-rich, scalable online storefronts with fast loading time, seamless scrolling, and improved management is our expertise.

  • Data Migration, Support & Maintenance
    Data Migration, Support & Maintenance

    To ensure the unparalleled glitch-free performance of your website and application; support & maintenance forms an integral part of our service.

Technologies Offered

Angular JS

An extraordinary open-source, front-end javascript framework that comes handy in reducing complexities of web application development. It is maintained by engineers at Google

React JS

This open-source, cross-platform JavaScript-based library is employed to create top-of-the-line web apps that suffice your business needs. It is backed by Facebook and a few other communities of developers.

Vue JS

This progressive javascript framework is used to provide an excellent viewer experience across all type of devices. It is extremely small in size (18–21KB) and empowered by HTML.


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Engagement Model  

Dedicated Resource Model

In this model, we provide you with a dedicated team of skilled professionals who work exclusively on your project along with the infrastructure. There is direct communication, constant project management, and complete transparency as you have all the control. It is also cost-effective as the billing is monthly with no hidden costs.  

Fixed Time & Fixed Price

In this model, our HTML5+ CSS3 Development Company provides you with a dedicated infrastructure, a team of skilled professionals and a fixed-price contract for your project. There is a clear deadline which ensures completion of projects on time. It is also cost-effective as there are no hidden costs and the overall cost rarely exceeds the budget.


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