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Social Communications

Creating meaningful relationships in the real world.

Creating meaningful relationships- real human connections with your advocates! An opportunity to bring you closer to your customers who are already Liking, Sharing, Following, Commenting and talking to each other. Even at this moment while you are reading this, you already know that your consumer is talking to you and your brand. And what do they expect? They want direct access to information, swift delivery and of course relevant interactions.

We understand this and along with our creative company of writers, strategists, conversation-starters, storytellers set out to spark-off and engage in conversations that matter most. In this era of a go-go-go world, we will help you tap the power of social where people are looking for a rich user- experience, storytelling, engagement and human-to-human interaction and not marketer to consumer.

Social Consultancy

We will help establish a social strategy keeping in mind your end goals. Whether you have an in-house marketing team who may just require a little push in the right direction or you may need us to create your social presence from scratch, whatever the case maybe, we will find the best method.

Brand Management

Searching and acquiring the relevant usernames and profiles across different platforms. We realize that your brand is very important to you and our Social Team will be always be available to assist you in turning potential customer problems into praise.

Social Tone & Nature

There are innumerable ways in which brands and businesses can use social media and each method varies from the other. We are here with you to select the right tone of voice and style for you so that your brand is represented precisely the way you want it.

Social Media Monitoring

We will go through each social network to monitor who is talking about you, what they are talking, what they think and whether it’s a complaint or compliment. This safeguards your reputation making sure that you are always one step ahead in the dialogue, well-prepared to take any action if need be.

Social PPC

Besides standard updates, social advertising can be leveraged to improve your brand’s presence, boost an interest in a new product or create more buzz around a significant event or promotion. This can be made applicable via promoted Twitter accounts or trends, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, or sponsored YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest content.

Social PR

Our close association with PR professionals, journalists, authoritative publishers, bloggers and influencers means that we can help spread awareness, raise your position, magnify your presence, shape-up your reputation, in all we can assist in getting both your offline and online content, the exposure it deserves.

Community Building & Management

We will assist you in recognizing industry influencers; brand advocates both present and future ones, to help you build an active fan base that regularly engages with your content.

Creative Discussion

The Social Team will help you create great content and not just content, quickly so as to spark off further conversations and discussions. Furthermore, we will back you up in creating an impact and getting your brand the coverage even from the audience who are just outside of your immediate industry.

Reporting & Analysis

To ensure success of your campaigns/project, we commonly use data and our reporting structure will help detect and enlighten you the best strategy to follow both in your social circles as well as across your marketing channels.

Cross Channel Promotion

With our key findings and learning gathered from the reporting and analysis, we are able to make sure that the message reaches your audience and not only that but in fact it fits across all your marketing platforms, helping you build a single, articulate and familiar voice across the internet.


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