Average just doesn’t cut it here. Right from how we hire to how we push the limits for each of us to deliver beyond awesome sets the stage for delivering genius.

We enjoy the success we see but more importantly each milestone is the reference point we begin each day with. Excelence then is the canvas to paint each journey with. That’s the mantra that drives us. That’s the spirit that keeps us on the move.

We are no Corden Bleu alumnae, with exceptional and heightened sense of culinary expertise, but we know our Chai, Samosa and Aloo K Paranthe, and believe you- us, we are exceptionally proficient in devouring any amount of food and later provide eloquent criticism about it while we burp.

Teamwork is where our true success lies. We are a bunch of driven, passionate and focused beings who create awesomeness when we leverage collective intellect.

Not just that, who enjoys a beer sitting alone. That’s why we party and celebrate this camaraderie and more often than not the results are mind bending ideas that surface and create history for the best of brands we work with. There you go, we’ve let out our secret.

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