Happy to announce the launch of GreenDecowood!

Happy to announce the launch of GreenDecowood!

It's a wonderful feeling for us, here at Olive. GreenDecowood is our newly designed and developed website, which we are so proud of.

The home page of the website encapsulates the essence of the brand known for authentic and ever evolving collection of veneers, which are prepared from some of the most exotic woods in the world. Replete with big and bold images, there is a message with all the images that catch eye balls in the very first minute, and that message is, "Nature. There's no substitute."

The navigational tool at the top right side of the website gives a quick access to the inner pages including the product pages whereon you can get to know the products from the inside out.

The website has been designed and developed to help our client reach out to its audience in the most prepared form and encourage the visitors check out one product after another. The choice of colours picked for the site as well as the typography ensures that the content is absorbed without efforts.

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