Not Declare, But Justify the No. 1 Position

25 years into the business, consistent hold on the number 1 position in the market yet Greenply wanted to extract incredible value through their digital presence. They wanted to completely revamp the existing website and bring alive a new world of Greenply to connect digitally with their customers. In a low involvement category, wherein it’s hard to engage the customers, we had to not only design an interactive medium, but also share as much about the quality and origin of the products, as possible without being too verbose in sharing the knowledge.

Bring Alive a Virtual World

We tried to place trust in the phenomenal impact that sometimes the most subtle messages create. Greenply being the industry leader did not need to prove its position as much as it needed to justify its position through a digital platform. When quality is the aspect that has steered the company’s success, we decided to bring alive the quality element in each and every form of digital engagement. Plywood, veneer, wood floors and fire boards amongst others constitute a low involvement category because customers mostly deal with the end product say furniture, interiors and decorative solutions on which these products are used. While we had to design the digital platform, keeping in mind the stakeholders and the business partners of the brands, at the same time we also had to make sure to initiate, build and then cater to the interest of individual customers.

Customized Interactive Medium for Potential Customers

Everything from the engagement tools to the pictures to the content on the main website was designed keeping in mind the nature and needs of the customers. We curated a seamless, bespoke platform, bringing alive the quality of Greenply in every aspect of the space designed of its customers and stakeholders. We kept the engagement tools simple yet effective. We designed various engagement strategies such as virtual rooms with transforming floors, wood work etc. in order to impact the customer’s recall ability. Since there are various categories of products under Greenply and each category is a class of its own, we decided to dedicate micro sites for various categories of products in order to not clutter the website and at the same time bring out the exemplary features of each of these products.

More B2C for Every B2B

With the main website as well as the micro sites doing well on the SEO charts and the client’s satisfaction with the way the web portals are complementing the business, we know we can create an enriching, informative and a symbiotic experience for our clients, their business partners and their customers alike.

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