Glimpse to the Back Story

Navrasa Duende, the aficionado of arts possessing the name with amalgamation of Sanskrit and Spanish language functions to exhibit the variant cultures and arts through diverse mediums.

The term ‘Navrasa’ denotes ‘Nine Emotions’ which artists present in different forms of arts and ‘Duende’ denotes the magnetism. The idea of Navrasa Duende is to cherish Duende of Navrasa on a common deck with all.

The Glitch and the Gap

But wait how could they reach to public at large with this idea? Yes, we are living into the digital age then surely website makes the way easy. Still there were some gaps and they were not sure how to present this idea through a website. They were puzzled if they could draw heads to the fest of arts with a website. Can a website take such an appealing and enchanting form?

We got an Idea. Visuals for Visuals and Fine Arts

Images speaks the moment, images express the emotions and when Navrasa Duende come up with their dilemma we made the way easy through using alive and dynamic images. Exhibiting the idea of organizing performing and fine arts events through a website is not easy. It has to be striking in one look to the audience to pull them to the venue.

Blue Print to Manifest Idea

Selection of vintage images that speaks the evoked moments and renovating them with the new age art of graphics was our carved way to get the solution. It gave life to the images that had captured the gone time. Our creative time extract out best of the ideas to reflect the art aficionado demeanour of ND.

Voila! And It Worked

With the launch of Navrasa Duende (ND) website with our idea of using dynamic and vintage images to cherish the idea of visual arts, ND witnessed a giant rise in the number of attendees to their carnival of art connoisseurs. And the saga of art fest continues after disseminating the idea through digital deck.

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