The Back Story

I am a Teacher’ an organization with a vision to reform the country by penetrating deep into the learning process of people at grass-root level. It functions upon the idea of teacher education to bring change from within people at core level. The idea is to bring forward the pool of teachers from different streams and areas to share their ideas and aspirations for dynamic change in education system of the country.


The organization wanted to put forward this idea through a website and to engage masses of teachers from different streams and regions to come ahead and to join this ‘teacher-education’ idea. The vision was to encourage teachers to get attracted to this concept with a medium of website.

Concept Curation

We worked upon this challenge to target teachers and curated the website concept that served as the easy to understand for teachers.

Responsive Website with Dynamic Designs

We executed the concept and idea to build a responsive website that can address the information requirement of online visitors and inspire teachers to come forward to adopt this practice. We designed and developed responsive website with constructing informational content that explains the idea of Theory of Change and the importance of this concept to bring dynamic transformation in the country.

We developed vibrant website and designs that speaks the true emotion of ‘I am a Teacher’. We incorporated easy mechanism to explain the courses and its distinctness to the site visitors. The integration of inspiring videos and content has added the spark of website to awake the volunteer inside them to bring change.


We have successfully conjured up this idea to reality and have been catering masses of true volunteers and learners who believe in this idea of teacher education. We are handling the website with care with providing timely maintenance.

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