A Challenge Wrapped in an Opportunity

For a USD 1 Billion enterprise employing over 12,000 employees as well as the world's largest Terry Towel producer with a multi-diversified portfolio across paper, yarn chemical & energy, the challenge was manifold. One, change the perception of the larger group of stakeholders to look at The Trident Group as a visionary and not just a manufacturing leader. Two, project each vertical with a strong sense of a competitive edge as well as open a window to the endless career opportunities for professionals with varied degrees of specializations and experience.

Rejuvenate the Brand Image

Terry towels are used by athletes, gym goers, exercise enthusiasts and majorly the young generation. However the brand had an insipid image. Even though the brand majorly had B2B transactions, we figured that it was important to have an image in the customer's mind for this in turn could translate to more B2B associations.

Digital World is Ever Evolving

The challenge was not only to project a digital image that's grand and holistic but one that truly brought out the operational excellence and value based growth the firm had witnessed over the last two decades.

From revamping the website to re-inventing their social persona; we took a 360 degree approach to address all things digital.

In a few months, we had a new avatar of the digital face of the brand connecting with the desired stakeholders and saw favorable traction in terms of traffic and social conversations.

We also ran SEO campaigns for them wherein we optimized a total of 50 keywords. Also, in a short span of about 2 years, total visits to the website increased by 73.20%.

We also revamped the new website and moved to web 3.0 with a responsive version of the website aligned to their new offline brand look & feel.

We Wrung the Best Out of the Brand Capabilities

We strived to have a thorough understanding of the brand and the industry and this became the robust base of our work. We continue a symbiotic association with the brand till date.

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