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PHP has taken over the web industry by providing customized solutions as per the needs and requirements of the clients. But we are about to change that for you.

What if we said there exists an up-to-date framework that makes building web applications simpler and faster, with fewer codes? Something that streamlines the task of developing, deploying, delivering and maintaining web applications without a burden!

It is CakePHP - a modern PHP 7 framework that offers additional features and better flexibility during website development. This framework runs on PHP and uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) approach making it the most preferred platform available in the market today.

Being a renowned CakePHP web development company, we offer customized end-to-end CakePHP web development services that are advantageous, authentic and out of the box. But you don’t have to believe what we say, read on to know more.

The advantages of having CakePHP for website development are many

  • Highly organized
    Highly organized

    CakePHP is a highly organized platform that is not only perfect for use in commercial applications but also comes with a set of conventions to guide you in developing your application.

  • Seamless pre-configuration
    Seamless pre-configuration

    there was a time when installations and configurations made developers cringe, but not anymore. CakePHP needs little or no configurations beforehand as it auto-detects all the settings that saves a lot of hassle.

  • Using CRUDE
    Using CRUDE

    it means Create, Read, Update and Delete. CakePHP provides an overall view of an application in a single code line like a demo.

  • Security

    security is at the core of every CakePHP development company. This widely used open-source framework protects the authenticity and security of your application much more than any other framework using various skilful built-in tools.

  • Easy Functionality
    Easy Functionality

    Developers can easily use multiple plug-ins, multiple times in multiple projects with slight modifications, thereby reducing the time, money and effort taken on a project.

  • Superior Compatibility
    Superior Compatibility

    Various frameworks have too many requirements and packages that need to be downloaded before usage, but not CakePHP. Not only is it compatible with all versions of PHP, but it also works well with almost all types of websites and directories.

Being a modern-day application, CakePHP builds your business fast and helps them grow better by designing and maintaining your web applications well. This is why being a prominent CakePHP development company in India, Olive, only hires CakePHP developers that deliver highly customized web solutions that have modern programming concepts and a result-oriented approach. Our certified team of CakePHP programmers our experienced in developing projects across different industrial verticals by utilizing industry-standard tools and completing projects within a given budget and deadline. Most robustly and reliably, we ensure that you get a modern web framework that is comprehensive and useful in ways more than one.

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