Conversion rates are at the heart of every company’s revenue model. A low conversion rate indicates failure and connotes loss. Hence, companies avoid them like a plague and work rigorously throughout the fiscal year to strengthen it.

One big way of combating this as per the conversion experts is to earn the trust of the target audience. The reason is plain and simple. When customers trust you, the sales grow.

Often on different websites, we find the word trust is used to showcase the integrity. But wouldn’t the world become a better place if the mere use of these words helped us in achieving what we aim for?

The reality is a bit different. Gaining trust is a less trodden path, made by the concrete of simultaneous strong actions. This article will highlight the components you can incorporate while building your online presence to increase the visitor’s trust and boost the conversion rates.

Offer a visual treat

People often evaluate a site by visual design alone. Having a functional website without errors of all types is necessary, but websites with great aesthetic and design empower visitors to do more. The company you have hired for website design might be able to offer you good solutions.

The same rule applies to the application. Make it UX/UI friendly and add a few good looks to it. Look for companies that are leading in application development and get them on-board with designing a unique application.

Identity matters

Psychology tells us that we tend to trust those whom we are familiar with, or are on a first-name basis with. This is a rule of thumb that almost all Web development companies associate with. They offer an insight into the team’s mind to make the decision-making process easier.

Build a knocking ABOUT US and TEAM page. This will help your users know you better, and hence trust you more.

Let them contact you

Accessibility is the need of the hour. You can’t expect someone to entertain you if you make yourself scarce. Instant availability is great to your business. E-mails work well, but let us be honest that no one takes out the time to draft a query mail and send it to you. The best way to do it is by putting a direct contact number in the website footer.

The nest most efficient method is installing a LIVE chat. This keeps your user engaged and helps you in collecting relevant FAQs.

Relieve fear and highlight authority

If your site is an e-commerce site, use security badges to show that payment gateway is secure and that their details are not going anywhere. You can also use the power of content to make the process easy. You can also draft out a user-friendly policy for exchange and return. This helps build trust and eases the user into making a quicker purchase decision.

You can also use testimonials to highlight your company’s good work. Word-Of-Mouth travels a long way and builds a good PR for your company’s site.


There is a lot more than you can do to build trust with your customers and clients. We suggest you maintain and update your website and practice social media hygiene. Once tested, these components and elements will surely perform different from one segment to another.

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