Ever thought in the blind race of success and marginal product differentiation, what can give your brand an edge over others and make it rank up amongst audience favorability?

Well the answer to this is very simple. The terrific backend story that is lurking in the shadows of USP is the solution that can make your end users favor you by instilling a sense of brand loyalty and relation. It is the tale of cakewalks and hurdles, of team spirit and individuality and comes equipped with maturity of struggle that is bound to cast an everlasting impression if narrated skillfully.

Everybody loves a good story and there is no place better for telling “Le-Saga” of your company than the website? Story-proof your content instead of filling pages with hard hitting facts for an unfailing website.


Understanding the psychology of a successful online communication is not rocket science. Although the functional quality of your website with a garnish of appealing UX/UI is paramount, the key ingredient is establishing communication with the visitors. This could be successfully achieved by taking a tone that is friendly and humanizing the approach of client-company conversation. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the end user is a human, whose decision making is going to be influenced by the experience served.


First thing first, being clear on what part of your story are you going to unveil is of utmost importance. If you have hired a website designing agency for this task, summon the team to have a healthy discussion on what will interest your audience. Zero in on the topic and sail from there to create a storyboard of words woven to showcase the strengths of your business and why should you be preferred.


A strong visual backup to a good story goes a long way in sparking interest. User engagement is at the crux of any successful website design and the right images will go the extra mile in fetching you the desired engagement from website visitors.

An amalgamation of content and imagery in the desired ratio also reaffirms the stand of your company’s offering in the user’s mind and sows the seed of impactful impression. This is what storytelling is!


Sculpting the website around users demand can be a daunting task. Designers have to maintain a balance between “too-much-information” and “interesting-facts” to create the digital front of the company. The only saving grace is creativity that becomes the major player in creating a different portfolio for your company and keeping the user engaged.

However, the trek to designing a unique website does not just end there.All this is the tip of iceberg as the designing of website requires a blueprint and a transparency of thoughts that can be transferred along the way. It is for this reason that taking help from a well-established web designing company is always recommended. But if there is anything that we can vouch out for, it is this- An ideal solution for user engagement on website does not exist. Although, remembering that the users are humans seeking a memorable experience is a veto in the favor of storytelling.

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