SEO Tricks to Get Your Blog Noticed

If you have a blog, you will know the importance of it. But, do you know how to get it noticed?

It’s no rocket science – make sure to create loads of meaningful, relevant, and gripping content.

But still, according to a survey by, approximately 40% of the population cannot continue with their blogs due to various reasons.

We do not want you to be one of them, and we want your blog to feature on the first page of the search engine. So, here are a few tips and tricks to get your blog noticed.

6 tricks to get your blog noticed

Do a thorough research
For any blogging strategy, the first and most crucial step is to do thorough keyword research. Search Engine Optimization depends heavily on relevant keywords and to get an idea on the type of content you should include in your blog; you must build an exhaustive list of keywords.

For any blog post you write, you should ideally have one or two primary keyword(s) in your mind, and a few related secondary keywords.

Use keyword judiciously throughout the post
Once you are ready with the list of valuable and relevant keywords, now comes the role of placing them correctly. It is vital to place them where they will have the maximum impact on your readers and the robotic search engine crawlers. It is ideal for including them in the:

1. Title and title tags
2. Headings – H1, H2, and H3 tags
3. Introductory paragraph
4. Concluding paragraph
5. Anchor Texts
6. Meta tags and meta descriptions

Remember not to force any keywords in your article, as it does more harm than good to your blog.

Optimize the images
Search engine tools pay a lot of attention to the alt text of the image, the name of the image, and the text behind the image. So, whenever you include a picture in your blog, ensure to include the primary keywords in the mentioned places.

Include external links
Whenever you include any information form some other blog or article in your post, add a link to the site you are referring to. It is not just a proper blogging etiquette, but who knows – you might get lucky and receive a backlink from the other blogger!

Quality external links are an appreciated effort by any blogger who wants to rank higher in search engine results pages.

Keep subscription options
The RSS or Feed Subscription Buttons must be visible in your blog. If a reader likes your blog and wants to be updated on your new posts, he will want to subscribe to your blog. But, no one will prefer wasting time hunting for the subscription button. So, to increase the chances of repeated readers, a prominent Feed Subscription button is imperative.

Market your blog
Social media is an easy way to reach out to a broad audience. Make sure to utilize it for your blog.

Whenever you post an article, let the world know about it through various posts and tweets. More the number of readers, the better will be the chance of your blog getting noticed.

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