Common mistakes to avoid while getting an eCommerce website designed

The electronic commerce space is packed now.

The big players in the game, like Amazon, are already covering a lot of ground and spending millions to get closer to their audience and make them feel part of the brand. Similar steps are being taken by other biggies such as Flip Kart and eBay.

Now this means that you are up against mountains. Getting past this competition calls for a great deal of courage, vigour, and common-sense design.

Here in this post, I am going to share with you common mistakes that most of small as well as big online shops are committing, intentionally or unintentionally – that doesn’t matter.

Read through this post and implement the corrections listed down in this post, if you find that your site has any. So shall we start?

Not focusing on crafting a ‘Strong Value Proposition’

You are up against the biggies, remember. And therefore you have to convince your prospect that shopping via your online website is way better than buying from your competitors. And how will you do this? By designing your website in a way that it clearly communicates what you have for your prospect what others don’t have – crafting a strong value proposition is the first step in convincing and converting your prospects.

Through an appealing design and a short and sweet and enticing copy, you can create a strong value proposition for your online business. An Ecommerce web designing company, like Olive, can greatly help you in this.

Product descriptions

How did you make your last purchase online?

Chances are you went to Google, typed your query in the search box, glanced over all the sites that were selling that thing and then clicked on one or several sites.

And then you had a look at the product. Then you came down a little and there – a text block was waiting for you – a description of the product.

Many online shops that I visited recently seemed not to bother about their product descriptions. They are just not crisp and appealing and unique.

Take time to understand the value that your product delivers to the customer and then write down a short and sweet and engaging product description that entices the prospect to hit that ‘Buy’ or ‘Place your order’ button.

An image is worth a thousand words

 The best way to sell a product, as the seasoned salesmen would tell you, is to put that product in the hands of the prospect.

But when you are selling something online, it’s not possible. So the best thing that you can do to convince and convert your prospects is to give them the real possible feel of the product. And it would be possible only when the product pictures are crystal clear and not hazy.

Invest in high-quality images.

We’re done for this post. But there’s more to share when it comes to the common mistakes to avoid while getting an ecommerce website designed. We’ll talk about it in our up-and-coming posts.

And remember the best way to get an ecommerce website that helps you convince and convert your customers is by engaging with an ecommerce web designing company that has quite an impressive portfolio of ecommerce websites.

And though there is no dearth of ecommerce web designing companies or Digital marketing companies in India, you should partner with an ecommerce web designing company that has built websites in your niche and can deliver you the best results within your budget.

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