What comes first in the priority of events? Content or design?

We’ve come across several entrepreneurs who are bewildered at the question- should you have content or design first when designing your website? Trust us, this is not an easy question to answer and is certainly nerve-wracking. To decide on the priority of events becomes challenging and more so when you’re a non-technology guy.

You have a wide array of options when it comes to designing your website, starting from smooth java and swirly animations to use of colours and customised shades and fonts. An experienced company that offers Website design in Delhi can help you play with some creative factors in design. Undoubtedly, this design factor plays an integral role in catching the attention of your audiences. But no matter how brilliant your design is, if the content doesn’t resonate with it to create the magic, the design might be of no use. Therefore, it is necessary that you invest equally on both content and design, if not more on content.

Let’s understand why.

  • Design is expensive

Your design needs to cater to your audiences and your content as well. But if you start the design without having content, it may cost you a fortune. Wondering why? It is simply because your design and content will not work together for the ultimate business goal. Creating the content later might require changes in your design to match it up.

  • Content first will build a sensible architecture

With the content in hand, you know what you have or what else you need for your website. This will make it easier for you to define your sitemap and build better and sensible information architecture.

  • Content can be optimized

Once you have the content at the place, you can design your website accordingly to optimize the content. For say, if you’ve used quotes in your content, beautiful eye-catching ways can be designed to showcase them. Again, if you’ve listicles, a gallery-based design would perhaps work better for your website.

  • Create consistency

When you know the content that you’ll have in your site, you can beautifully design your pages accordingly. It will help you create a consistent interface, eliminating the mess and clutters.

  • Avoid endless rounds of iteration

When you start the design without the content, it leads to many changes and rounds of iteration and it becomes frustrating. Moreover, it wastes your time and effort as well. On the other hand, with content first, this iteration can be avoided.

Thus, if you want your website to look appealing and help in achieving your business goal, the design and content should work together. The content should fit into the design. And for this, content should be created first. This will also make your designing process easier, less time consuming and faster.

If you’re still clueless like many other entrepreneurs about where to start from, do not worry as we’re here to help you.

Get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through the right way to create a website that will perfectly work for your business.

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