How to Rise Above the 3 Common Web Design Mistakes in 2016

So you look at your website design and realize the mistake! And it’s not about an incorrect spelling, but something very big. How do you fix it now? Unfortunately, you can’t rewind it to make your design look flawless. Can you? Of course not! But do not feel disheartened as we’ll together find away.

Trust us, you’re not standing alone as many other business owners look back at some point or the other and realize the website design mistake. Your website is one of the most powerful tools that will help you draw the attention of your target group and stay ahead in the cut-throat digital race. Therefore, you need to rise above the mistakes you perhaps have made and to correct them. Even if you’ve not made the mistakes, read on to ensure that you avoid them.

  1. Overlooking the use of grid

You’ve got a solid concept for your website, but still, it isn’t working? The lack of a grid might be the reason. You got the design on a paper and then plopped everything without a proper organisation. Did you? This is the reason why your website won’t attract or engage your users, no matter how strong your concept is.

How do you fix it?

Remember, visual consistency is the most important element if you want your users to flow easily from the top to the bottom of your website. What you can do is, go through the designs you have and try to adjust them with a grid. However, the best thing will be to redesign the website as adjusting may make it look worse.

To make your website a treat for the eyes for your visitors, you can use the fun grid pattern over the images with perfect alignment. Also, the popularity of visible grids will attract new visitors to your site, making it more functional.

  1. Moving forward with poor images

Have you used an image with poor focus or tone because you wanted your website to become live immediately? Using bad or poor quality images on your website is a blunder that many business owners make.

How do you fix it?

You can use some better quality images or create one using your colour and typography. You can also get a photographer to get some best images clicked.

There are sites where you can find tons of videos and images that are of high quality and engaging at the same time. You can get an idea by visiting the sites and use your creativity to get your image created by the designers. But do not move forward until you’ve got the best images with you.

  1. Having a complicated navigation

No matter whichever design you choose, streamlined and simple navigation is a prerequisite for an engaging website. When was the last time you went through a site with overcomplicated navigation? And how much time did you send? Just like you, today’s time-pressed users keep looking for websites with simple navigation.

How do you fix it?

Reconsider your design menu and go through the pages. Though it is not necessary for every page to have a navigational structure, the primary pages should have a simple and obvious click pattern. You can also consider a second navigation level for other related pages.

So what is the takeaway?

Well, instead of brooding over mistakes that you might have made in designing your website, think about making it better. Some mistakes might be easily rectified while others may require a full redesign.

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