5 Tips to make the most out of Twitter for your business

“A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is- it is what customers tell each other it is.”

-Scott Cook

The above famous quote stands true for every business or brand. In today’s competitive market, every brand claims to offer the best. But the trust can only be built when one of your customers tells the same to the other. And how do you make the customers talk about your brand? Through social media marketing!

The power of social media is great, to say the least, and can be the best means to build brand awareness. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter, every platform has the capability to influence and impact the life of your customers. However, we’ve come across many business owners who overlook the importance of Twitter for their business. If you too aren’t aware of the ways to leverage the 140 character social media site to draw more traffic, here are the tips for you.

  • Optimize your Twitter bio
  • Interact with the influencers
  • Twit regularly
  • Retweet and Favourite tweet
  • Follow trends/hashtags

Now let’s understand the tips better.

Optimize your Twitter bio

The bio plays an integral role in helping your audiences know about you and your business. So make sure that your company’s identity is branded well through Twitter bio. A consistent and clear tone will help your customers know better about your business and build trust. A reputable digital agency in New Delhi like us can guide you better in optimizing your bio.

Interact with the influencers

Every business has its own influencers in social media. Find out the influencer and expert in your field and start regular interaction with them. Why? It will give you new opportunities to grow your business with better visibility and more influential people talking about it.

Tweet regularly

Remember, customers will be more attracted to businesses that are active and healthy. So be regular and do not forget to tweet regularly. Regular updates will help your target group to remember you.

Retweet and Favourite tweet

If you want to build links, a retweet is the best way for it. It will help you to get noticed by people for whom you retweet and they’ll welcome you with the thought that you’re promoting them. Again, favourite tweets will make your customers believe that you’re noticing and paying attention to them as they’ll receive an email when you favourite his/her tweet.

Follow trends/hashtags

You can look for the trending topics and hashtags and try to connect it with your brand. This will make your handle visible when people search tweets on that particular trend or hashtag. This will help you to connect with the new users and draw them to your website.

There are many other ways to make the best use of Twitter to attract more customers to your website. Want a social media marketing plan for your business that works? Contact us and we’ll help you make the most out of social media platforms.

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