In-App SEO: How to Get Users to Discover & Download Your Mobile App

Google Play store has over 1.6 million apps as of March 2015! That’s a big number. Add to that 1.5 million apps on Apple Store. And every day tons of new ones are thrown into an already humongous mix of mobile applications. Is there any chance your app will ever be discovered? Of course, if you follow the best practices that are, and it’s called In-App SEO. We will read more of it, but first:

Why Should You, An App Owner, Be Worried About App Discoverability?

You probably already knew that mobile devices have far outsold desktops in the last few years. Every business has since been scurrying to target mobile users. But what you may have missed is this,

India has 81.79 million mobile internet users; 40 million units of smartphones were shipped to India in 2013. By 2017, 20% of the entire Indian population will own a smartphone

Doesn’t that look like a lot of customer waiting to be converted? Most of these users are in the crosshairs of your competitors. How well you cope with the competition is a question of how well you push your mobile apps. And while In-App SEO is the best way to make your app discoverable online, there are ways for the offline world too.

Offline App Promotions – And Their Biggest Shortcoming
Promotions on TV, Radio, Print Media and on your website are pretty powerful alternatives of In-App SEO, only if people remember about you when they are searching for apps! Ask yourself this – how many users will make an exact match search for your app on Google? They will instead type a generic set of keywords they feel is a description of their needs. And when they do that your app needs to be above thousands of similar applications in your category.

The biggest shortcoming of offline app promotions is its inability to stay relevant when a user starts typing on Google’s search box. Most people won’t remember about your offline ad but when they see it in search results you stand a better chance at having your app installed.

An Insider’s Glimpse to How In-App SEO Happens
The traditional ways of getting backlinks on hyperlinks don’t work with apps. To make apps searchable Google engineers invented a new technique of deep-linking content within the app and send data to Google, which then makes it available for a user when he or she makes a relevant search. The Google API Indexing lets developers at SEO Services Company in India talk to Google search bots and tell them that your app is awesome and that is how people will discover your app & your business.

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