Native Advertising – The Best Ad Display Technique

What do you do when you see an ad while searching for something on Google? Yes, the list of options marked under ‘Ads’ or ‘Sponsored’, what do you do? Don’t you just ignore? Like you, an overwhelming majority of people who see ads totally ignore them. What good is an ad if people don’t see it?

Well, that is a question that bothered a lot of people until they found that some forms of ads were more successful than others. These successful ad forms are called native ads. What’s different about native ads? Well, for starters these don’t stick out like sore thumbs in a website. These ads are very creative and seem like an integral part of the content and have a very high likelihood of being clicked, and the best feature about it is seamless, relevant integration with the surrounding content.

It is the best way for publishers to make money and for advertisers to get maximum traction and ROI. All that is good to know, but how do you do it?

Getting the form right

The size and form of the ad must match content on the platform where the ad is displayed. This is why it is called native ads. The form of an ad should offer a simple, fluid and streamlined experience that does not take anything away from the user experience. Too much deviation from the website’s look and feel or from the content displayed on the website will be at the very purpose of native content.

Match in Functionality

The ads need to perform and function similar to the content on the website. Ideally, the ad should function just like the content surrounding it. This is as crucial as the look and feel of the ad. For instance, if the ad is on an image-heavy website the ad should be an image too. The need for synergy is crucial. And it goes for all types of websites, irrespective of whether it is an image-based, text-based or video-based website.


There are two distinct schools of thought here. Some believe that disclosure should not jeopardize the speciality of native ads. There is an element of stealth in native ads and some believe that can be enhanced by not making any disclosure. That, however, is wrong. We strongly believe disclosure does not adversely affect the traction ads get in a native environment.

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