Planning to create a website? Here are the things to start with

So you’ve decided to create a business website? Great! After all, it is the face of your business that gives visibility to your brand among your target audiences. Moreover, your business website helps you establish credibility as well. However, before you get started to build a website, there are a few other things that you should start with to ensure creating a successful site.

Here are the top 5 things to do before you build your website.

1.    Research

Before you start building your website, make sure to go through and explore the sites of other big names in the industry. Pay very close attention to the images used, navigation, text, branding etc. as it will make it easier for you to create a successful business website. Make a list of things that you like and would use in your site and those things which you would like to avoid.

2.    Text

If presented the right way, the text has the power to attract a huge group of audiences, but if not, it can scare them off. It is the backbone of your website. So before you start designing your website, make sure that you have proper engaging text for all the pages of your site.

Your text can make a huge difference and so pay attention to what you write. Use easily understandable language for even an average reader to understand and highlight how your services or products would help them. People mostly respond to short and attractive descriptions, rather than long texts. So make sure you do not exhaust your readers with essay style texts. You can also hire professionals for writing.

Another equally important thing for your site is a web application. And for that, you can hire a company offering Web application development in Delhi to get the best result.

3.    Logo

As we all know, your company’s logo conveys its identity and to choose the perfect logo, you need to know your brand thoroughly. Is your brand about offering something innovative or is it about the cheapest prices and services? Find the answer and accordingly pick a logo that perfectly represents your business or brand.

4.    Company’s name

Have you chosen a name for your company or have you decided how the URL of your site should look? If not, it’s time that you do it before the website designing and development starts. Decide on a short, meaningful name that would look great online. You can create a list and ask for the feedback from your friends and family. Remember, if your company’s name is too long, you need to shorten it for the URL.

5.    Photos

Photos are the most powerful tools to grab the eyeballs of your audiences. And when we talk about your business website, it will require a variety of photos for your products, a portrait photo for the about or bio page etc. Thus, when you choose photos for these sections, make sure that they are of high-resolution and best possible quality.

If you’re thinking about the stock photos as your option, the fact is that they can’t compete with the original photos which are much more appealing.

Thus, getting ready with these 5 things will help you be on the right track to start creating a successful website.

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