How to market to different stages of the consumer buying process?

Business owners often think that consumer buying decision is random. Certain products appeal to them and they buy it. But is it really that simple? No! The consumer actually goes through various steps before making the final buying decision and the good thing is that you can market to these different stages differently and effectively.

Thus, to help you rise above the trial and error method and market the right way, here are the 5 different consumer buying stages.

1.    Problem Recognition

Why would you buy something if you do not realise that reality is different from what you desire? Hence, the first step towards the customers buying process is a reason to believe that they want it. They need to recognise the problem for which they genuinely are looking for a solution.

Thus, as a marketer, you need to ‘create the problem.’ For this, you need content with facts and testimonials that tell your audiences about your products and services and how they would benefit your customers. Make them realize that they do have the problem and need a solution for it.

2.    Information Search

Once your audiences realize the problem, the search for the solution begins. For say, if you’re selling a foundation, they start looking for it. They will go through the various solutions available and to make them buy your product, you need to tell them how and why your brand is different.

You can establish your brand as an expert solution to the problem you’ve created. Try to advertise and become a Google trusted store for better visibility.

3.    Evaluation of Alternatives

As the search begins, the customers will go through various products and services available to make sure they pick the best. Even if they are sure of what they want, they’ll compare and evaluate all other possible options to ensure they make the right decision.

To stay ahead in this stage, allow your audiences to compare under your own website. This will make them stay longer on your site, establishing better trust in your brand. To make your website easily accessible, you can hire a Drupal website development company too.

4.    Purchase Decision

Now, in this stage, the customer is at the point where he/she has explored a number of alternatives, peruse the offers, prices and payment options and is deciding whether to make the purchase or not. This stage is very crucial as in this stage too your customer can walk away.

To be on the safer side and make your customers buy your brand, what you can do is remind them of their problem again or the reason why they wanted to buy the product or service. In this stage, it is essential to remind your audiences of their problems and tell them why your brand is the best solution for those problems.

5.    Purchase

And finally, your audiences are in the purchase stage. In this stage, the research is done and your customers have finally decided to make the purchase. However, this doesn’t mean that marketing in this stage is no more essential. It is still required as the customers could still be lost.

Marketing in this stage should be simple and easy. Keep your brand’s purchase process simple in both desktop and mobile for your customers.

Thus, we hope this post will help you strategize your marketing efforts in the right way to influence your customers’ buying decision.

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