Here are the ways to connect better with your customers through YouTube

Video content is the new big and powerful thing in this crowded online marketing world. Let’s dig this deeper and give you the numbers to understand it better.

Whether or not you believe it, almost 75 per cent of the targeted audiences visit a marketer’s website after watching video content. About 64 per cent makes their purchasing decision after watching a related video and 3 out of 4 internet users remember a video ad. We’re sure that these numbers have made you realize how powerful YouTube marketing could be for your business.

If you haven’t yet utilized the power of video content, it’s time to step into the incredible power of YouTube with the following effective strategies.

1.    Create viral video content

Are you struggling to get more exposure and drive traffic in this already packed digital market? If yes, viral video content is a boon for your business. But the challenge lies in creating the content as creating it is harder than it appears. With everyone trying their hands on it, you need a few effective tips to stay ahead of the curve and here we’ve got the tips for you.

•    Simple- the video content that you create should be simple, short and engaging. The social media users want something that they can easily consume and share. So keep your video short and simple for your audiences to understand. Social media optimization services are available by some renowned companies that can help you in creating such content.

•    Unique- to stand out against myriad of other videos already there on YouTube and to be worth sharing, the video you create should be unique. Also, it should drive the attention of your audiences as engagement with them is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

•    Timely- the videos should be relevant and based on current topics in the industry. For this, you need to stay up to date and react quickly.

2.    Build an engaged community

Viral videos will help you drive traffic and will increase your business exposure. But if you want both views and responses, building an engaged YouTube community is a great idea. Build a community who will watch your videos and interact with you at the same time.

Focus on creating content that your users will love to watch and share. Also, you should be consistent in creating quality video content, using a consistent theme to build an engaged community

3.    Give advertising a shot

Most of the people consider Facebook and Google AdWords when it comes to paid advertising, overlooking the impact of YouTube. Do not commit this error as YouTube is generally a more flexible and cheaper option with better impact.

There are options such as in-search, in-display and in-stream ads that have their own purposes and are effective to reach the segmented group of users. You can display different content based on the interests, demographics, keywords etc.

So all you need is a creative social media team who would create some great video content to engage the audiences. Undoubtedly, YouTube can help you to connect with the majority of your potential customers for a better and successful business.

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